Dental Service Organizations

Dental Service Organizations, or DSOs, provide non-clinical operations and business management services to dental practices throughout the United States. The services are provided through contracts with dental practices. Whether you need a website or accounting services, DSOs have your back. Dental Service Organizations provide a variety of services to help your practice grow and succeed.
Dental Care services are provided for a variety of reasons, including routine cleanings, preventative care, and more. While there are many types of dental services, most are geared toward preserving oral health and preventing dental issues. These services range from routine cleanings and X-rays to dental sealants and fluoride treatments.
The dental service at MSK is a vital part of the hospital's mission of curing cancer. In addition to performing routine oral care, the dentists at MSK treat patients who have suffered birth defects or trauma. The team includes dentists, oral surgeons, dental artists, and medical technicians who collectively treat more than two thousand patients per year.
As the dental industry continues to grow, more dentists are discovering the benefits of working with a dental service organization. These organizations offer a unique blend of high-quality dental care and sound business management. Many DSOs are owned by dentists, while others are owned by non-dental investors. By outsourcing business functions to a dental service organization, you free up more time for more important tasks.
While dental insurance plans may not cover cosmetic dental services, most preventive dental procedures are covered. These include white fillings, porcelain, composite veneers, and some dental crowns and bridges. Some policies also limit preventive dental services to twice a year or every six months, depending on the plan. Many policies also limit the frequency of full-mouth x-rays.
In addition to preventing future dental problems, dentists can diagnose problems early. Some dental services can be costly, but dental service plans must be affordable for the member. Some HMO plans require a modest co-payment for basic procedures. Taking care of dental work early is crucial to your overall health. Delaying treatment can lead to more complicated procedures later on.
Medicare will not cover routine dental care. However, it will cover certain dental services, including emergency dental care, when provided in a hospital setting. Some Medicare Advantage Plans also cover dental services as routine. You should always check with your insurance carrier to see if your dental service is covered. Otherwise, you may have to pay for the services out of pocket. You can learn more about these dental service organizations on this blog. 
Dental services can help fix teeth and jaw alignment. Patients who have an overbite, underbite, or crossbite may need a procedure called orthodontics. An orthodontic procedure can correct the misalignment of teeth and jaw by creating new space around them. In some cases, patients may need a palate expander or a fixed-space maintainer to achieve the desired alignment.

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